E-marketing is the lifeblood of any online business. Just because you have a great site, doesn't mean people will automatically visit. The old saying "Build it and they will come" isn't true on the Web. Companies that leverage the Web will have an edge. Utilizing your Web site to market your products or services is often cheaper, faster, and more trackable than traditional marketing. A website can be a company's best medium for marketing. View our portfolio for some examples of our work.

It is vitally important to implement the rich and abundant existing e-marketing techniques for your business. We utilize all available strategies and can create and implement a unique and integrated e-marketing campaign for you. Look below for some of the Web marketing services we offer.

The E-Marketing Services We Offer

  • Strategic e-marketing development and implementation
  • Web 2.0 saturation and utilization services
  • Blog creation, analysis and blogoshpere marketing
  • Pay-per-click search engine placement help, submissions & administration
  • Lead generation services
  • One-to-one/personalization consultation and development
  • One-to-one email campaigns development
  • Email campaign design, implementation and management
  • Email list renting services
  • Email copy writing
  • Website copy writing
  • Email campaign tracking consultation and services
  • Strategic link development - which affects search engine optimization and rankings
  • Internet exploration where we find many appropriate places to add your link
  • Article submissions and help
  • Banner creation - HTML banners, Flash banners, Java banners, animated banners
  • Banner buy consultation
  • Site traffic analysis and reporting using WebTrends
  • Site traffic analysis system setup for your company
  • Search engine optimization services
  • Auto responder, leads management and newsletter sign-up services learn more
  • Email newsletter services
  • Contact management system setup and configuration
  • Forums and discussion group "buzz" building
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website creation
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E-marketing services from Oak Web Works includes any activity that can increase both your website's qualified traffic and overall company branding using the Web. We create a unique and custom e-marketing campaign specifically for your organization. It can include strategic link development which drives traffic to your site and helps your search engine rankings.

We can help you get listed on many other complimentary sites, making your company much more visible. This is vital for exposure. We can conduct Internet exploration where we help determine where your link should be strategically placed. We can conduct email marketing campaigns that will blow you away, creating unbelievable qualified traffic to your site, turning Web site visitors into paying customers. We can design, create and place static, animated and Flash banners as well. There are many other e-marketing initiatives that are just waited to be exploited, and will create heavy traffic to your site.

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